DECEMBER 19, 1999

      A snorkeler reported missing Sunday evening (December 19, 1999) in waters off Kapa'a Beach Park made it safely back to shore at Mahu-Kona Beach Park in North Kohala after being swept out to sea and swimming for several hours.
      Ivan Esterle, 45, of Ainakea, North Kohala, had gone to Kapa'a Beach Park about 4 p.m. for a half-hour of snorkeling in the bay while his wife, Cynthia, 44, waited in their car at the park. While snorkeling, Esterle was swept out to sea. When he failed to return by dark, his wife became concerned and called police about 6 p.m. A search assisted by two helicopters and a Kona fire rescue boat between Kapa'a and Mahu-kona Beach Parks was conducted, but suspended at 9:45 p.m. after it failed to turn up any trace of the snorkeler. After being swept out to sea, however, Esterle managed to stay afloat and reached shore in good condition about midnight Monday at Mahu-Kona, about one-and-a-half miles from Kapa'a.


Hawaii Island Journal - February 16-28, 2003
Hawaiiana by Bill Taylor

Audio Book on a CD

      "Soul Revision" by Richard Esterle is both very interesting and very unusual. Esterle serves as author, producer and narrator, but there are also musicians involved in the production. In the beginning, Esterle's story seems to be a simple one of being swept out to sea off the coast of the Big Island for 9 hours, 6 of them at night. But as the story expands, it turns into a very personal, life-changing spiritual journey. There's also a strange twist to his ocean adventure, which you will hear about early on in the CD. I'm not going to tell you more except to say that if you are interested in hearing a truly engaging, moving story of personal transformation, and one that's very well done, you will have to get the CD for yourself. OK, I'll give you one clue - "kapu kai." Yep, that's it - get out your Hawaiian dictionary or get on the Internet! As Esterle says near the end of his tale, "We're swimming in a sea of choices. Our choices make up the consensus reality that we are part of." Get ready for some heavy but enlightening philosophy here!



      Soul Revision is an engaging, brilliantly-crafted and awe inspiring story! It is a thought provoking, sensitive and at the same time brutally candid account of one man's transformational journey into life - by courageously embracing the clutches of death.

      At this time of global challenge it reminds us that life constantly offers the Grace to heal and "revise" our deepest pain when we fully surrender to the wisdom within.

      Soul Revision chronicles the "everyday miracles" that regularly occur when we are fully present with what is deepest, best and true in our nature. May this book offer a bright ray of hope to illumine the darkness to many who feel swept away by the powerful currents of life.

Brian J. Brieling, Psy.D., MFT


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